Blog Gina Diaz is the founder of Glam Hair Extensions. She is also the author of the book,our blog “The Flat Method” and online hair extension training course for professional hair stylists. As a graduate from Nova Southeastern University with a Bachelor of Science degree and Exotica Beauty Academy in Cosmetology, her pioneering approach to hair, makeup & photography has won her recognition from peers and the best coiffed women and men from South Beach to Malibu Beach.
Diaz’ own painful and devastating experience led her on a remarkable personal journey that took her into the world of salon & photo studio ownership. In early 2001, her own hair was severely burned and broken when a chemical process in a local salon went awry. Her once glorious tresses were destroyed within an inch of her scalp and what was not broken off was the consistency of cotton candy. Traumatized by her loss, Gina flew off to Atlanta to find a solution to salvage the remains of her hair and her dignity. Determined to help others avoid a similar disaster, Gina embarked on a quest to learn about hair restoration, traveling the globe to study the safest, most effective techniques in hair extension technology. After learning as much as she could from the current market and researching ways to improve the systems, Diaz gradually developed her own method called, The Flat Method.
Diaz teaches an innovative method of extension application known as “The Flat Method.” The Flat Method has evolved as a hi-tech method of attachment composed of a “skin-like” membrane that simulates the scalp. It appears to have hair literally growing from it. This “skin-like” membrane attached to the client’s own hair with special hypoallergenic hair tape, lying very close to the scalp. Diaz says that the client can wash, condition, blow dry, flat-iron, curl and color the new hair, as if it were your own. Hair can be styled up or down.