Wig Slavic Hair (full cap)

$ 10,100.00

Slavic Wig (full cap) Custom-made with Full Density with 100% Exclusive Virgin Russian Hair, Natural straight to slightly wavy pattern.

One-of-a-Kind Piece made from one donor flawless Russian Hair!

Double layer construction is designed with a soft base.
Attachment with tape, and adjustable straps.

TEXTURE: Natural Straight or Slightly Wavy
QUALITY: 100% Exclusive Virgin Russian Hair

Experience the ultimate luxury with our exclusive hair is a luxury brand made with 100% Virgin Hair. Our hair will not swell, shed or tangle. Wash and go with this incredible hair quality! Our wig base will last for years if well cared for.


TEXTURES: Silky Straight, Body Wavy, Spiral Waves. Custom textures and colors also available!


LENGTHS: 14”, 18”, 22” and 24“

QUALITY: Premium High Quality

CUSTOM ORDERS:  Allow 6-8 weeks delivery time